Three Ways to Accentuate Your Tan

Three Ways to Accentuate Your Tan

Jan 31, 2019Iconic Bronze Admin


Tanned skin naturally accentuates the parts of our body that we want it to. It's like waving a magic wand. There is a reason that we love being tanned, but it's not worth risking our health over, and that's where Iconic Bronze steps in. With our safe self tanning foams, lotions and spray tans, you can achieve the perfect golden glow.

So, now you've got that glow, how do you make the most of it? We can tell you all about that.

Accesorise in the Right Way

Pick out bold and summery jewellery, things with bright colours and more gold than silver. The warm tones will reflect off your skin.

Then add bronzer to your cheeks and collarbones. Not only will it will enhance your golden colour, but the pigment will add to your glow. It's also great to use in between tans for a lovely subtle bronze.

Wear bright nail varnish colours like coral and neons. They’re summery and pop against light clothing.


Think About How You Dress

Tans look completely different if you wear the right colours. One of these defining colours, is white. It naturally makes your skin look a darker tone than it is, but also reflects the sun and glow on your skin in a beautiful way. When you think about tans, you think of sunbathing and outdoor parties, and what’s always the most popular colour? White.

Styles are also really important when wanting to accentuate your tan. If you’re heading out for the evening, look for cut outs around your waist, or shoulder straps that hang lower. If it’s a daytime look that you need, look to have your legs on show where you can. Legs are naturally contoured by a tan and will look even longer with your new darker tone, too.

When wearing colour, look for those on the brighter end of the spectrum, and always try to colour block and layer. Think blues, greens and purples for cooler skin tones and yellows, oranges and pinks for warmer skin tones.


Yes, it's great to moisturise your skin with regular face and body moisturiser to keep your skin flake-free and smooth. However, think of different ways to moisturise that will enhance your tan. Tinted moisturisers give you a beachy sun kissed glow and often have SPF protection in them too, which we LOVE.

Another way to keep your skin supple and really bring out your tan is to apply body oil. You can find lots on the high street that contain lots of gold glistening flecks, which make your limbs look mind-blowingly gorgeous.

Before reading this you knew how to get the perfect tan, and who to turn to (Iconic Bronze, of course), and now you know how to accentuate your tan once it’s there. You’re welcome.



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