Simple Ways to Make You Feel Happy

Simple Ways to Make You Feel Happy

Jan 31, 2019Iconic Bronze Admin

A new year gives us a new chance, but sometimes it’s easier to take a few weeks or months to let yourself breathe, rather than jump straight into resolutions and make multiple changes in your life, all at once.

Positivity in relation to our mental health is perhaps more discussed than ever before, and it’s one of the most important things to address. While we love our Iconic Bronze tans and feeling glamorous, we understand that sometimes it’s important to kick back in your sweats, wear zero makeup, hairspray or tan and just enjoy life for the beautiful things it offers. Believe us, we do it too.

So here is a list of happiness generating things to do, ways to act and things to think of…


Ok, so we all know that a good night's sleep makes us feel more positive for the day ahead, but there's more to it than that. Make your sleep special, make it impactful. Use lavender oils or pillow spray, and shut out the light with an eye mask. Set a bedtime and stick to it, or at least as often as you can, and move your phone from its usual bedside spot. It will make the world of difference.



We put too much pressure on ourselves as humans when thinking about indulgence. We worry that we buy too many clothes, eat too many calories, binge too much telly. Of course, too much of anything can be bad, but remember to reward yourself, to treat yourself well. Whether that’s for the long week at work that you’ve just had, or simply because you fancy something a little special, it’s important. So eat that extra chocolate and buy that top you’ve been eyeing up. Let yourself do things if they make you happy, healthy and they are within your control.


Make Noise

Laughter, singing, movement, it’s all good for our stress levels. Music is relaxing, whatever it is you like to listen to. Singing yourself releases muscle tension and decreases the stress hormone cortisol within us. It doesn’t matter if you sound like one of X Factor’s most hilarious contestants, do it on your own, do it in the shower, or the car, just do it. When you laugh, let your emotions run free. Throw your head back, let the tears roll down your face, and interact with your emotions, it’ll make you feel so lovely and warm inside.


Celebrate things, and I don’t mean your birthday, although that’s always love, celebrate your successes small and large. Reward yourself for the hard work you put into your personal and professional life. Remember that you’re only human and you don’t have to do anything, so all those great things you do? They’re worth recognising. If you managed to save an extra £100 for your holiday this month, then allow yourself to have a bottle of wine on the weekend, or an extra hour in bed. Tell your body and mind that they’re doing well.


Open Your Eyes

Ensure that you see new things. You won’t always be able to travel, and some years you may not be able to leave your own city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see new things. Go to a new museum exhibition, embrace your natural environment and take in your surroundings. Sure, it’s great if you can go to a destination with a whole new culture, and learn new things, but sometimes it’s just as rewarding to see new things in your neighbourhood. To embark on adventures and realise what’s right in front of you.


We know it’s not always easy to just be happy, but treat yourself kindly, always.


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