5 reasons to fake it on your summer holiday

5 reasons to fake it on your summer holiday

Jul 26, 2019Iconic Bronze Admin

Our Instagram feed has been awash with #Iconicbabes taking a trip to warmer climes this summer. And we have to admit, we’re definitely a little bit jealous. Thankfully, our fave Iconic Bronze tans are giving us the ultimate killer glow as we enjoy our staycations ;) 

This summer, if you’re one of the lucky ones who will be soaking up the rays in a far away land, there are tons of reason why tanning before you go, during and after your holiday should be top of your beauty agenda.

Here’s why…

Those airport selfies

Who doesn’t love to snap an airport selfie and instantly upload it to Insta and Snapchat, proving the envy of their friends?! If you’re someone whose tan is always on point, turn your friends green with envy as you share that golden glow. The day before you go, apply your fave Iconic Bronze tan so that you arrive beautifully bronzed and definitely don’t look like a newbie.


 Stay safe 

While we’ll all about getting our daily vitamin D allowance, our advice is always to fake it rather than bake. Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays increases our risk of developing skin cancer, so it’s important to be mindful of this. While we’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy that vitamin-sea with a cocktail in hand, always remember to apply sun cream and stick to the shade during the day’s hottest hours. Remember, a real tan quickly fades anyway so why risk it? Stick to the bottled stuff instead. 

Boost your bikini confidence

Let’s face it… no one wants to blend into their white sun longer, so avoid the risk of being sat on by rocking up to the pool or beach showing off your Iconic Tan (here’s one I made earlier!). Research has shown that we all feel more confident with a tan and for many of us, it can take a few days to get over our fear of wearing a bikini, so take your confidence up a notch, by seeking reassurance in the fact that your skin looks killer. BTW… we think all our #IconicBabes look amazing!

Keep the glow alive

Avoid post holiday blues by keeping that glow alive. Because our tans look so good, everyone will swear it’s real, so when you return home, keep those feel good holiday vibes going by topping up your tan. Our tans are available in medium, dark and extra dark so finding your perfect match is a breeze!


Get in on those #travelgoals

If you’re one of the brave who are going strictly hand luggage only, we salute you! Thankfully, liquid woes won’t be a worry as we’ve got you covered with our handy travel sized goodies. For the first time ever, you can now purchase our medium and dark Luxury Tanning Mousse in nifty 50ml sizes. You’re welcome!

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