The Top 10 Iconic Bronze Tanning Tips We Live By

The Top 10 Iconic Bronze Tanning Tips We Live By

Sep 17, 2019Iconic Bronze Admin


Unsurprisingly, when it comes to tan, we mean it when we say we know everything! We’re delighted to have perfected an amazing tan formula that our customers love, so all that’s left to do, is to provide you with advice on how to apply it perfectly. Thankfully, we’re on hand to do just that! Here, we share our 10 (not-so-secret) tanning tips so that you can get in on those feel good golden goddess vibes, all day, everyday.


1. Exfoliate head-to-toe 

When it comes to tanning, it’s definitely all about that base so the best possible tanning tip we could give you is to exfoliate! Ask any tanning pro what the secret to flawless, bronzed skin is and they’ll tell you it’s all in the prep. The day you plan to tan, get in the shower and enjoy a good scrub. This will gently remove dead skin cells and leave skin in tip tip condition, prior to tanning.

2. Put the razor down 

Who doesn’t love the feeling of just-shaved or waxed skin?! We’re definitely not saying to skip hair removal altogether, but just avoid it for 24-hours before you tan. Hair removal has a tendency to expose pores on the legs, meaning your tan will cling to these areas, leaving skin appearing pimply. On that note, it’s also best to avoid waxing and shaving for at least a day after you tan too as this can speed up the wear-off process.

3. Stay away from the moisturiser 

Yes… really! While we’re all about smooth skin, applying moisturiser before you tan can act as a barrier, so your tan might not develop as well as it should.

4. But do protect those tricky-to-tan areas

Our knees, elbows and ankles are notoriously tricky-to-tan areas because the skin tends to be a little drier here. Applying a light layer of moisturiser here before you tan can help stop tan building up for a more natural finish.

5. Find your perfect match

Whether you opt for mousse or lotion in light, medium or dark, choose a tan which most closely matches your needs and your skin type. Our collection offers all of the above so that tanning woes never get you down.

6. Always use a tanning mitt 

We firmly believe that our tanning mitt is one of the best in the business, which is why we recommend you always use it to apply your tan. Plus, it will take your tanning experience to a whole new level and leave you with a streak-free finish that we all crave. To use it, simply add a little product to your mitt, and apply to the skin in sweeping motions for even application.

7. Allow your tan to dry

Thankfully, due to our fast acting formula, you won’t have to hang around for too long, waiting on your tan to dry, but we do recommend that you pop on loose clothing, while you allow it to work its magic.

8. Moisturise

After your tan has developed, moisturise. Doing this once or twice daily will keep your glow alive, and allow for a flawless, natural fade.

9. Take it to the next level

We LOVE that fresh tan feeling and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be keen to keep those golden goddess vibes on the go. Cue our Airbrush Body Bling. This can be worn over your Iconic Bronze Luxury Tan for the ultimate Iconic Hollywood glow, thanks to its instant colour and a smooth, sexy, shimmering finish. What’s not to love?!

10. Use our Self-Tan Eraser

Finally, when you’re ready to start again, simply use our Self-Tan Eraser. This effortless foaming cleanser effectively removes self tan without harsh exfoliation in just 5 to 10 minutes, leaving skin prepped and in prime tanning condition.


Now that you’re armed with our valuable tanning tips, it’s time to put them to the test. Check out our tanning collection online here and find your perfect match.

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