Life Is Better With An Iconic Bronze Tan

Life Is Better With An Iconic Bronze Tan

Aug 27, 2019Iconic Bronze Admin


Here at Iconic Bronze, we are ALL about celebrating women of every shape and size. We firmly believe that every body is beautiful and rightly deserves to be celebrated. This is why our campaigns and social media feeds feature all body types. Whether you’re a slim-line size 6 or a curvy and gorgeous size 16, we want everyone to feel good about themselves. Granted, we know confidence doesn’t come naturally or easy to all of us but it’s important to take small steps towards feeling good. And one of our absolute favourite ways to do this is to apply our fave Iconic Bronze Tan.

We firmly believe that life is better with a tan. In fact, there are so many amazing reasons why self tan is our number one beauty product. Here’s why…

1. Enjoy golden goddess vibes

Question… who doesn’t want to look like a golden goddess?! Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in the morning to a gorgeous golden glow. Suddenly, your clothes seem to look better, we feel slimmer and somehow more toned. But more important than looking better is that mentally, we feel great!

2. Boosts beauty confidence

We’ve long believed that self-tan improves beauty confidence and we’re delighted to see that research backs up this claim. According to a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine, a healthy-looking, bronzed golden glow is a key way to boost body confidence. Applying tan can mimic the positive self-image vibes we experience after enjoying a holiday in the sun.

Self tanning came out on top with the most votes for the best ‘body confidence invention’, with over 25% of those surveyed naming it the ultimate invention to help us feel good in our skin. 27% of those surveyed also agreed that self tanning increased their confidence more than wearing high heels, attending slimming clubs and even having plastic surgery.

Now those are statistics that we can definitely get on board with.

3. Improves our complexion

Evening out skin tone and masking imperfections is high on our list of reasons to love self tan. No one is a fan of spots, wrinkles or blemishes, but thankfully, self tan does wonders at hiding these. Our face is probably the main area that is prone to these conditions, but thankfully, using a non-greasy self tan such as our Luxury Tanning Mousse won’t aggravate your skin.

4. The only safe way to tan

While we love the feeling of sunlight on our skin, we definitely aren’t fans of its damaging results. We’ve all heard the horror stories about sunbeds and sun exposure damaging skin and causing premature ageing. The truth is, the only way to tan safely is to fake it. Luckily, our tans look so good that you’ll swear it’s real anyway! Plus, you can choose different shades depending on your mood or the occasion.

5. Love your skin from within

The secret to soft, hydrated skin is to nourish it from within. Each time you apply Iconic Bronze, you are treating it to an instant hit of goodness. Our tans contain sodium hyaluronate, so your skin naturally locks in the moisture that it gets from the bottle. There are no parabens or harsh chemicals, so you always know what you're exposing your skin to. Plus, packed full of sunflower oil and Omega 6 & 9, Iconic Bronze contains the perfect, unique blend of ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and deeply nourished.

To discover why life is always better with an Iconic Bronze tan, shop online here.

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