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The Real Reasons Why an Iconic Bronze Tan is The Best Option

Jan 31, 2019Iconic Bronze Admin

We’ve all heard our Mums and friends tell us that sunbeds are bad for us, that it’s going to ruin our skin and make us unwell, and in addition to that, there are multiple other reasons why an Iconic Bronze tan is so much better for you than a sunbed or sending yourself to sizzle in the 40 degree summer weather.


For years now, we've known about the cancer risks surrounding sunbeds. In 2012, Kate Moss and her modelling agency at the time, Storm, set out on a campaign to tell the world about the dangers of sunbeds. This should have been enough to end sunbeds, but sadly, it wasn't. “In the last 30 years, cases of malignant melanoma have more than quadrupled in the UK” tells Marie Claire.[1] Most sunbeds give out higher doses of UV rays than tropical sun, so you're exposing your skin to a lot of damage and risk. Not only are there risks of developing cancers, but the rays can cause your skin to age, look wrinkly and leathered. So, while you may think you're a glowing goddess now, you're putting years on yourself that will show in the future. Plus, they’re illegal to use under the age of 18.



Iconic Bronze contains sodium hyaluronate, so your skin naturally locks in the moisture that it gets from the bottle. There are no parabens or harsh chemicals, so you always know what you're exposing your skin to. Sunflower oil and omega 6 and 9 in our lotion help retain the moisture and enhance natural complexion by improving the overall texture of your skin. 


You can apply your Iconic Bronze tan in minutes, ensuring an even and glistening glow. When you’re on holiday, or get a few hours of sun in your back garden, do you really want to spend the whole time sizzling? Of course, it’s lovely to lie down with a book and relax, but it gets hot, sticky and uncomfortable. Chill for a few hours under a parasol, or go for a walk to see some historic sights, there’s no need to pay for that lovely sunny break just to get bronzed, when you can do it with Iconic Bronze.



Our Lotion (£10.99, 200ml) takes 2-6 hours to develop a streak free, golden tan. It has quick drying properties that mean you can get on with your day and forget about it for a while. By using Iconic Bronze, you can count on being a golden goddess within a few hours, and don’t have to use the sunbed several times, or spend days outdoors. It’s a one off and it’s healthier too.


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