10 Iconic Bronze Tan Commandments

10 Iconic Bronze Tan Commandments

Aug 05, 2018Iconic Bronze Admin


Thou Shalt have an EVEN TAN

Before tanning application always wax and exfoliate the skin at least 24 hours prior to tanning. This will allow for pores to close, allow dead skin to be removed and also remove any old unwanted tan.


Thou shalt not have DIRTY KNEES

Just before tanning application apply moisturiser only to the elbows, hands, knees, feet and ankles. These areas are naturally dryer and tan will naturally develop more in these areas.


Thou shalt have a STREAK FREE TAN

When applying Iconic Bronze tan always use our double-sided luxury mitt. Apply tan in circular motion starting at the bottom of your legs and tan upwards. This will reduce the margin of error for a streak free tan.


Thou shalt not have STAINED HANDS

Our luxury mitt is double lined on the inside to prevent any staining on the hands.

Top Tip- you can hand wash our luxury mitt and allow to dry naturally.


Thou Shalt not have PATCHY TAN

After following commandments 1-4 always allow your tan to develop on the skin. You must rinse off the guide colour once you have allowed sufficient development time. Once guide colour is washed off you will unveil an even and non-patchy tan.


Thou shalt have a LONG-LASTING TAN

To maintain your Iconic Glow for as long as possible, moisturise your tan daily. This will lock in hydration and help you tan fade naturally.


Thou shalt be more HYDRATED

Our tan has a unique formula which contains Sunflower oil and Omega 6&9.

The sunflower oil helps retain moisture and aid hydration, whilst the Omega 6&9 help enhance the skins complexion.



Iconic bronze has a unique blend which helps to achieve a beautiful and completely natural looking olive tan.


Thou shalt NOT SMELL BAD

Iconic Bronze has its own exotic fragrance with notes of Jasmine and Orange Blossom to make the skin smell fresh.


And thou shalt honour and love thy Iconic Bronze Tan

and no other tan will come before you.

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