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Head to Toe Glow Bundle

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Head to Toe Glow Bundle is Iconic Bronze's ultimate tanning bundle, featuring a line up of our 7 best-selling products. This bundle contains everything you need to prep, prime and perfect your skin.  

Products included are:

✔️ Dark Tanning Mousse- lasts up to 7 days with each application
✔️ Self Tan Eraser
✔️ Velvet Tanning Mitt
✔️ Medium Instant Tan
✔️ Ibiza Shimmer Bronzer
✔️ Shine On Lip Gloss
✔️ Eyelashes- Come Hither

-Complete 7 Piece Set
-All Full-Size Products
-Includes: Tanning Mousse, Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt, Miami Matt Bronzer, Eyelashes, Instant Tan, Lip Gloss & Tan Eraser
-Suitable for All Types of Skin
-Perfect Gift Idea
-Amazing Value
-Easy to Use