New Year beauty resolutions that are actually worth sticking to

New Year beauty resolutions that are actually worth sticking to

Jan 29, 2020Iconic Bronze Admin

As January comes to an end (about time) if you find that your new year’s resolutions quickly went out the window… you’re not alone! Here at Iconic Bronze HQ, we firmly believe in setting resolutions which not only make us look better, but feel it too! This is why we have put together a killer list of the all-time BEST beauty resolutions that are actually worth sticking to in 2020 and beyond! Iconic Babes, it’s time to start living your best life by following these simple and effective beauty resolutions…

Clean your make-up brushes regularly

We’re probably all guilty of applying our make-up in a rush in the morning, which means dirty make-up brushes are fired back in our bags. However, these carry germs and bacteria, which in turn can cause breakouts. Cleaning your brushes weekly will help keep germs at bay and make for an easier application too. There are plenty of products available to do the job, or good old fashioned soap and water will do the trick too.

Be bold with colour

Hands up who’s in a make-up rut?! If you’re tired of choosing the same three or four colours from your eye shadow palette, do something about it. While there’s comfort in slapping on the same hues that you’re used to, this can leave us feeling less than inspired.  The good news is that bold bright hues are topping the make-up trends for 2020 so it’s time to delve in and experiment with those quirky colours that you’ve been afraid to try. The same goes for lippy too. Move over nude… it’s time to try those statement colours.


 Green out your make-up bag

 If your beauty products contain a list of ingredients you can barely pronounce, it’s time to ditch them and move on. The good news is that the beauty industry offers a wealth of organic products which are kind to your skin. This applies to your tan too. At Iconic Bronze, we are proud to offer a collection of tans which are free from nasty chemicals at an affordable price, meaning that you can easily own a little bit of luxury.

Care for your hair 

Often our haircare is low down our list of priorities but we’re dedicated to making the change in 2020. Hair masks are all the rage so the next time you pop one on your face, treat your hair to some nourishment too. After all, your hair is the crown you never remove.


Dare to follow trends

Each new year brings with it tons of new trends so instead of letting them pass you by, why not get in on the action?! The next time you’re watching your fave YouTuber’s tutorial on how to tackle the latest trend, follow along and try it for yourself. We hear metallic, glittery eyes are one to watch for 2020.

Remove your make-up before bed

This year, resist the urgent to flop into bed without removing your make-up first. Remember, good skin in the future is influenced by how you treat it now. For maximum results, get on board with a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser routine. You can thank us later.

Catch plenty of zzzzs 

On the topic of sleep, while we love nothing more than getting stuck into Netflix’s latest offering, save the binging for the weekend. Getting plenty of sleep is great for our wellbeing, improving productivity, focus and our health. Well, it is called beauty sleep for a reason! If you have trouble falling asleep, ditch the tech 1-hour before bed, try some journaling, practice some meditation and add a spritz of lavender spray to your pillow.

Glow gorgeous!

 Last (but definitely not least) our absolute favourite beauty resolution to get on board with is to tan (of course)! A gorgeous, golden glow always makes us feel amazing so we plan to spend much all of 2020 tanned!

Have a beautiful year Iconic Babes!

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